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About Us

Giving The Gift of Education

Edu-Fun Box is a play-based learning program for children aged 3-6. Our program combines hands-on activities and learning materials with fun and engaging themes. Our unique approach allows children to explore, create and develop their skills in a fun and stimulating environment.


At Edu-Fun Box, we believe that learning should be enjoyable, and we strive to make sure every child has a positive and enriching experience. We offer a variety of activities designed to promote creative thinking, encourage problem-solving, and develop social and emotional skills. We also provide parents with resources and tips to help them support their child’s development.


Our Story

Eunice and Jodi are the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Edu-Fun Box, a play-based learning program designed to help children learn and develop at their own pace without stress. Eunice has always had a passion for children's wellbeing, be it in health and wellness or education, and her daughter Jodi's passion for teaching stemmed from her own experiences with dedicated teachers who helped her overcome difficulties. Growing up in a family that celebrated learning, Jodi was encouraged to study away from home, and her travels taught her that children can learn in a variety of ways.

In May 2021, Eunice had an 'Ah-ha!' moment and called Jodi, who was teaching online at the time, about her idea for a play-based learning program. Jodi was immediately on board, and the rest is history. As a teacher and a student, Jodi has used what she has learned to create a learning plan that inspires young learners to be confident, curious, and to think outside the box. Eunice and Jodi's enthusiasm and passion for learning are evident in every aspect of Edu-Fun Box, from the carefully curated activities to the personal touch they bring to each box.

Whether it's through reading, travel, or spending time with friends and family, Eunice and Jodi know the importance of having some downtime to recharge their batteries and focus on their next step. And their dedication to helping children learn and grow shines through in every Edu-Fun Box.

Kris Michaels

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