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Making the First Few Days of Big School a Positive Experience for Your Child

A little girl in school uniform with writing saying "Back To School"

Do you remember your first few days of big school? How did you feel? Excited? Nervous? Scared? A lot of firsts happen in our lives, but the first few days of big school are some of the most memorable and significant ones. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in our children’s education and development. But how can we, as parents, help them prepare for this big day and make it a positive and smooth experience?

In this blog, I will share some tips and strategies on how to get your child ready for the first days of big school and how to cope with the emotions that come with it.

  • Handle your own emotions. Anxiety is contagious – parent anxiety can be transmitted to children. The first step is to be self-aware, deal with your anxiety, and work out why you’re feeling a certain way. I know this is their first real big step to independence; it’s not easy, but we have to let go to allow them to grow.

  • Routine. Have a reasonable bedtime routine, no screen time. Rather lie in bed with them and read a story. This helps them relax and fall asleep without anxiety.

  • Keep talking. Talking through your child’s fears and asking them what’s worrying them can help alleviate their anxiety. Chat with them about what happened at school that day. This will help you prepare them for the next day and the next...

  • Prepare your child’s school clothes, school bag, and lunch box in the evening. Doing this together can help boost excitement. If they want to wear their uniform to bed, let them. I have awesome memories of my children going to sleep with their new uniforms on, including their shoes. The excitement was so catchy.

  • Get ready without fuss or rush. Get up a bit earlier. Emotions will already be high, so avoid a before-school meltdown by allowing extra time.

  • Save the tears, be they of joy or distress, for the car as you drive away.

  • Share with other parents left behind at the school gate. They may be feeling just the same as you. I used to see a few of the moms for coffee, and we still do to this day. We have all become great friends, and our children are all grown up.

  • Turn on some happy music and be proud that you’ve got your little one this far. Enjoy your time while your little one is at school, and we would love to hear how your first day went.

As you embark on this exciting journey with your child's first few days of big school, remember that each step, no matter how small, contributes to their growth and independence. Cherish the moments, celebrate the milestones, and be a source of support and encouragement. The first day is just the beginning of a series of adventures in education. Share your experiences, connect with other parents, and build a community that thrives on the shared joys and challenges of parenthood. We look forward to hearing about your first few day experiences, and in our upcoming blog, we'll delve into "How to Prepare for Homework," ensuring a seamless transition into the next chapter of your child's educational journey. Until then, embrace the journey, and may each day be filled with curiosity, learning, and the boundless possibilities that education brings.

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