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What's In The Box?

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Picture Cards

Two sets in each box, laminated, theme-based and used for play-based games 


Themed Book

Special themed-based book written by Edu-Fun Box co-founders, reinforces each box's theme differently


Phonic Cards

Two sets in each box, related to sounds of letters A-Z, help children recognize sounds and letters make a good foundation for reading


Recipe Book

A5 plastic binder in the first box to become the child's recipe book, one new recipe in each box       


Math Cards

Two sets in each box, theme-based and focused on a set of numbers 1-5.



Three to four play-based games in each box to be played with picture, phonics, or math cards found in the box

How To Use The Edu-Fun Box

Each Edu-Fun Box is theme-based, and intended to be used over the course of one month (four weeks). Inside each box, you will find

Work Pack: This has an activity that relates to the theme of the box and math activities. The skills to be developed include: fine motor, counting, number recognition, creativity, sensory exploration, and hands-on activities that develop a deeper understanding of content found in the box.

Phonics: The alphabet and its sounds have been split into 12 boxes. (Box One: a, b, c; Box Two: e, f, etc.) These are fun, interactive activities that further reinforce the sounds found in the box.

Creative Pack: In each box, you will receive a creative pack that is related to the theme of that box. Children will be asked to use different tools for painting, such as earbuds, sticks from a tree, their hands, feet, and fingers, along with the conventional tools such as paint brushes. They will also be asked to colour with big crayons or chalk, and design their painting too. Being creative is a calming and enjoyable way for your child to build the many skills that they will need to learn. One of the main benefits of our creative pack is how it develops your child’s fine motor skills, holding, and gripping ability. The Creative Pack will get them used to holding a pencil or crayon, which is needed in school. The Creative Pack also fosters creativity and boosts focus while your child has loads of exciting fun!

Online Activities: These can be watched on the Edu-Fun Box YouTube Channel! In these videos, we go through the content in the box through interactive activities. There are paper puppets that can be cut out and placed on ice cream sticks. As I read the story in the video, your child and I will meet the characters by using puppets!

Social Activities: Along with all of the above, we have also developed complementary social and environmental activities too! These include activities like cleaning up an outside area, or helping someone in need.

Week Two, Week Three, and Week Four will all follow the same format as Week One.

How It Works

How It Works


Choose your preferred program length


Fill out your details and pay


Get your box delivered & start learning

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